PUCK: a mischievous fairy in English folklore  
WANDERLUST: a strong desire for travel and adventure

Puck Wanderlust was co-founded in 2015 by two London girls with curious natures and a love for beautiful things.
Puck Wanderlust in India

Each piece is imagined and designed in the UK, and handmade by happy hands in India and Bali.

The mantra behind the brand is one of collaboration and the shared wealth of skills to create something unique yet mindfully made. This interest in sustainability is at the heart of the brand - from packaging to production.

Inspired by eastern philosophy, the rich and vibrant colours and architectural shapes, textures and patterns and geometric forms. Every design is hand crafted in 100% recycled 925 silver and 18 carat gold vermeil. Every stone is hand selected, hand cut, and lovingly set. Meaning no two pieces are exactly alike.