A little while back we joined the Mylky Moon Tribe - a powerful movement aimed at female entrepreneurs.

Welcome to #mylkymoontribe!

I’m so happy you’re here. 

Together we can heal and strengthen the connection to feminine power by becoming more aware of the guidance of our bodies and how the natural cycles influence every cell and every moment of our being. 

This connection is the foundation for changing the world for ourselves and others through our creativity, through our businesses and
through our every interaction.

What is influencing you now?

Full Moon lights up and illuminates the paths you might not have noticed before. Like standing on a dark crossing and suddenly the street lights get switched on, so you can clearly see all the roads.

Do you have to decide something?
Work something out? 

This is the best time to sit with it and literally receive the solutions sent to you. 

Stop feeling shame or guilt about giving yourself time

The energy of this Full Moon in Libra we had on Tuesday is focused on beauty, balance, harmony and relationships.

The most important relationship is the one with yourself. Every little step towards creating a life of more balance, more loving, more listening of your needs and more pleasure affects your business in a big way. That’s a promise. In fact, whatever we might think, our main purpose is to heal ourselves.

this is your priority in this life!

Stop rushing, dear

How about a little experiment: stop rushing for a day (or two). Stop running around because you think you have to. How would you behave if you’d be the best in what you do? Be that. Create the environment you deserve, work on your own pace, nourish yourself, feel inspired, move, delegate tasks. Let others give you love and support and receive it without shame or guilt. This is what carries you through any terrain. 

Libra Full Moon reveals who is here to help you to manifest your dreams and guide you in your journey. Help you to reach the stars. As much as we think we must be independent and strong, receiving is a feminine quality so embrace it and life gets much easier. 

Has it been intense in the last few weeks?

Next to the fiery Aries energy, there are a lot of planets moving backwards (in retrograde) right now. Meaning we have been gifted this time to review, replenish and make sure our foundation is strong, clear and purified, before we can forge ahead in full steam. This is not the time to make major life changes or purchases, sign contracts, break up relationships etc. Also, transportation and anything electrical (your phone or laptop) can be bit off, so slow down and try not to get stressed about things out of your control. 

Dates to remember

  • Venus retrograde til April 15th

  • Mercury retrograde til May 3rd

  • Jupiter retrograde til 9th June

  • Saturn retrograde til 25th August

  • Pluto retrograde from 20th April til 28th Sept

Transform your life // Need inspiration or support?

Modern Rituals

We'll be hosting more of these soon, so keep your eye out for this magic.

Full website will be released soon where you'll find... 

  • #mylkymoontribe profile features & interviews

  • Mylky Moon Curates of tried & tested products, services and healers that will support you best

Private Sessions - launching soon!

We’ll work together to:

  • fully understand your feminine cycle and energies influencing your business

  • build your business with ease with your personal monthly schedule for tapping to maximum power, creativity and potential

  • tools and references to support you on your journey

These will be offered as a one-off taster session or 3-month course & available in person / on Skype. 

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Mylky Moon Curates // Best things to support you now

Sage for clearing yourself and your space from any negative energy - I love the one from She Lost Control.

This book is a must for any cyclical being - taste your Wild Power.

Have been doing the virtual 10-day breathwork challenge by lovely Lauren Spencer King from Fields of Study - she's apparently releasing her next course this summer for the ones who are not in the US, so make sure you keep an eye out.